Prince William County Office of Tourism
14420 Bristow Road
Manassas, VA 20112 U.S.A
Direct: (703) 792-8420


Contact The Office of Tourism Staff

Ann Marie Maher Director of Tourism (703)792-8421
Mark Kowalewski Tourism Sales Manager (703)792-8423
Dan Cook Tourism Marketing Manager (703)792-8422
Michael Rojas Sports Tourism Manager (703)792-5067
Susan Plattner Tourism Office Coordinator (703)792-8424
Mike Stoupa Tourism Sales Specialist (703)792-8425
Nicole Warner Media & Partner Relations  (703)792-8426
Deena Westenhofer Website & Social Media  (703)792-8427
Jonathan Pick Visitor Services Representative (703)792-8420
Ray Moore Visitor Services Representative (703)792-8424