Because sometimes you just want to pack up and head for the woods.

By Tim Ebner

Published on 8/7/2020 at 11:02 AM

Are your summer travel plans going nowhere fast? Did a recent trip get canceled because of COVID-19? Join the club -- 84 percent of Americans said they either do not have any immediate travel plans or decided to cancel a trip because of the pandemic. When it comes to your health and personal safety, this summer staying at home is the safest bet, but there is some travel, including outdoor camping, that allows you to travel and embrace the socially distanced beauty of Mother Nature. 
And while you might think the DC region is all traffic and suburban sprawl, there are some slices of nature, even one spot near the Beltway, where you can disconnect. Meanwhile, if you venture to some campsites further east or west of the DMV, it’s possible to spot the Milky Way or do a bonfire on the beach. Here are a few of our favorite campgrounds for those in need of spontaneous and safe travel this summer.