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Back to the Future Movie Party


"1.21 gigawatts!”

Over 30 years ago, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd took us on an era-hopping adventure with BACK TO THE FUTURE as the '80s raddest time travelin' teen and his unlikely sidekick - a crazy, wild-eyed, wild-haired scientist. What rose from those flame trails is the heaviest sci-fi comedy ever made - one that is often considered "the perfect movie" without hyperbole. 

Now, you’re invited to get even heavier with us at these fourth wall-busting celebrations of time-hopping DeLoreans, life jacket vests, and oedipal overtones. Come floor it with us right to 88 MPH with a Johnny B. Goode air guitar contest before the show, and themed props to bring the movie magic to life. What’s more, you’ll even SMELL the flaming tire tracks, manure truck and more with our exclusive scratch ’n’ sniff cards! It’s all included in your ticket. 

It’s the raucously fun celebration you might not be ready for, but your kids – your kids are gonna love it.

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