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Coming to America Movie Party


“I don’t give a damn who you are. This is America, Jack. And I’ma break my foot off in your royal --"

Back by popular demand, it’s our loving, interactive tribute to this John Landis-lensed comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall at their gut-busting best.

On his 21st birthday of Prince Akeem (Murphy) of Zamunda is to marry and spend the rest of his life with a woman he’s never met. Instead, Akeem breaks with tradition and travels to America with his trusty right-hand man Semmi (Hall) to find the true love. The ensuing culture shock of the guileless pair navigating the gritty streets of ’80s NYC is pure comedy gold.

Whether you hail from Zamunda, the Bronx or any place in between, this movie has captured generations of fans from all around globe. Our Movie Party presentation celebrates its genius the best way possible: by putting you in a theater packed with fellow fans where you can share the joy of every favorite gag and line of dialog, with key props included in your ticket to help bring the movie magic to vivid life. This show’s props include crowns, flower petals, and even your own personal can of Soul Glo.

Consider this your royal invitation to come laugh and let your soul glow with us. 

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