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Ghostbusters Movie Party



For 35 years, GHOSTBUSTERS has held a special place in the hearts of moviegoers with its eye-popping special effects, iconic characters, and, of course, its cast of comedy heavyweights led by Bill Murray. So we want to show our love for this beloved blockbuster by throwing an epically spooky Movie Party.

We’ll have a bunch of ghostly goodies to help you get in on the fun, including your very own firehouse bell, some Stay Puft marshmallows, a Smell-Along card, and some glow necklaces you can wave around anytime the Ghostbusters use their proton packs (just don’t cross the streams).

Join us and cheer on Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston in the fight against the slimy, spooky, supernatural spirits haunting New York City in this hilarious ’80s classic.


If you've ever wanted to completely lose yourself in a favorite movie, this series is for you.

At an Alamo Drafthouse Movie Party, you can cheer for your heroes, boo the bad guys, shout out your favorite lines, and even sing along with the songs - all in a theater packed with fellow fans.

Your ticket always includes themed props to bring the action on screen to life around you, so you can sword fight along with Inigo Montoya during THE PRINCESS BRIDE, rock out on guitar with SCOTT PILGRIM, or even get a whiff of manure along with Biff during BACK TO THE FUTURE.

The possibilities - and the fun - are endless. Come live your cherished movies along with us.

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