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Gremlins Movie Party



Joe Dante’s GREMLINS continues to be a pop culture sensation, with its darkly funny story of a small-town guy who receives a furry little creature called a mogwai that ends up multiplying into a swarm of monsters who rip the town to shreds. Frankly, wanton destruction has never been so fun.

At our GREMLINS Movie Party, we won’t let you tear the place apart or ruin our electronics, but we will have all kinds of fun props available to help you get in on the action, including paper plates to throw around during the kitchen fight, confetti poppers to fire off when the Gremlins go to the movies, and more.

We just ask that you follow these few simple rules:

- Don’t get a mogwai wet.
- Don’t expose a mogwai to bright light.
- Don’t feed a mogwai after midnight.
- Don’t miss our GREMLINS Movie Party.

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