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Jaws Movie Party

   (Second show at 7:45 PM)



“This shark, swallow you whole.” 

Duh, nuh…. duh, nuh… nothing quite says “ah, summer’ like watching an elusive giant shark terrorize Amity Island on the big screen. It’s the movie that perfected the summer blockbuster and launched a million toothy (and goofy) knock-offs, but nothing beats the bite of little Stevie Spielberg’s 1975 original. This bonafide American classic has everything you could want from a movie: kids in peril, drunken sea shanties and Richard Dreyfuss in a cage. 

If that wasn’t enough, we’re proud to present this all-new interactive Movie Party presentation that lets you LIVE the shark-hunting adventure along with your pals Brody, Hooper and Quint — minus the salty sea air and actual mortal peril. Featuring interactive props and surprises, it’s the most fourth-wall-busting-fun you can have on dry land, and certainly the most this side of JAWS 3-D. 

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