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Kids for Kids Triathlon

Kids Triathlon event, to be held at Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center. Call Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center at the posted number for more information. 

What is a Triathlon?  A Triathlon is an exciting, fast-paced, timed, three-sport race which takes place in the following order: Swim, Bike, Run. It’s an awesome way to get fit and have fun!  How long are the race course distances? Age Swim Bike Run o 6-8 50 yds (2 laps in pool) 2 laps (1 mile) 1k (0.62 miles) o 9-10 100 yds (4 laps in pool) 4 laps (2 miles) 1.6k (1 mile) o 11-12 150 yds (6 laps in pool) 6 laps (3 miles) 1.6k (1 mile)  What is a staggered start? o All participants are placed in groups broken down by age category, with the eldest group going first.

In the Kids For Kids Triathlon, each participant begins the race every 10 seconds. Having the staggered start time ensures that the race course is not congested and that all participants can move safely through the entire course.

Are the races timed? Yes, there will be a timing system in place on race-day. Timing results will be available shortly after the final participant completes the race. Results will also be posted online at a later date/time.

Please explain bike lap counting. For the Bike portion of the race, it is the participants’ and parent/guardian’s responsibility to keep track of the laps as they are completed. o Depending on your child’s age category and related race course distances, they will need to complete a certain number of bike course laps. Your child’s lap information is available above (under “How long are the race course distances?”).

Volunteers and course set-up ensures easy tracking of the swim and run portions of the race. o There will be a designated bike lap counting area (marked by a sign) on the bike course.

We recommend that parents clearly communicate with their children where they will be positioned on the race course to help them count their laps. 

You may choose to stand in this designated area or some other highly visible spot alongside the race course, as long as it is safe for you and the participants. For convenience, lap counting signs with large numbers will be provided in your child’s Race Day packet. You can use these to assist your child in keeping track of their bike laps.


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All events subject to change. To confirm event, and to learn more about this event, please contact the individual host business or attraction. Thank you.