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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Movie Party - Alamo Drafthouse & Cinema


National Lampoon's VACATION series is truly the gift that keeps on giving and this holiday season we're back with one of the most requested Movie Parties of all time: NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION.

Catch up with the Griswold family as Clark struggles to provide another set of perfect memories and, as usual, gets too caught up in the details to properly enjoy the big picture until it's almost too late. Despite the more rambunctious sight gags (see the electrocution of a cat as the Christmas tree is lit), this holiday sequel is a glowing and goofy homage to family holidays, complete with old wounds healing and long-estranged relatives reuniting in the Griswold living room.

We're giving it the full Movie Party treatment with special props for the audience and special surprises that your host will be bringing into the theater throughout the event. It's more fun than a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club, and it's all set to be your family's next four-alarm holiday emergency if you miss it!

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