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Virtual Discussion: Discover a New Invasive Insect That May Be In a Backyard Near You

Join Valerie Huelsman, Environmental Analyst for the Prince William County Mosquito and Forest Pest Management Branch, for an introduction to the spotted lanternfly (SLF); a recent threat to our trees, (and wine and beer!).

This invasive planthopper was first confirmed in Prince William County this spring and has established populations in 10 other U.S. states after being found initially in Pennsylvania in 2014. Spotted Lanternflies are skilled at spreading to new areas, especially along transportation corridors, and have now been documented in multiple locations in Prince William.

They target many plant species, especially ailanthus and grapes, and can harm stressed trees as they feed on sap. This can also encourage mold growth on plants and surfaces underneath their feeding locations, disrupting the growth of understory plants. Learn more about Spotted Lanternfly management efforts in Prince William and what you can do to help protect your trees and plants in an environmentally friendly way.

Photo by David Cooney Jr.

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