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AKT Nourish

  • ​15111 Washington Street
  • Haymarket, VA 20169

Our restaurant is snugged in the heart of Historic Haymarket, Virginia. We bake bagels, croissants, scones, biscuits, cookies and house desserts daily. We roast fresh turkey and beef, grill chicken for our chicken salad and grilled chicken salad. We make our soups from our own stocks, vegetables, and meats. Our vegetables are fresh seasonal and local; so local that we grow our own during Virginia's growing season. Our salad dressings are made in-house using whole fruits, herbs, cheeses, imported olive oil, local raw honey and sea salt. Our cheese is real. Eggs are ours, pasture raised from organically fed, non-GMO chickens. Meats and poultry are locally sourced from small exemplary farms.

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