Your #PrinceWilliamStrong Pledge 
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You will be contacted within 7-business days on pick-up instructions. If you have any questions or require an expedited order, please contact Nicole Warner at 703-792-8426.

Below, please find a customizable #PrinceWilliamStrong Pledge Certificate and images to use wherever customers interact with your business (inside your business, website, social media).  If you forgot to upload your business logo on the preceding page, please email it to Deena at


Orange box with blue circle with heart in middle with text that reads Prince William Business Pledge at top, in middle we pledge, and on bottom website

Creative for Web - 250px x 250px (COPY/PASTE)

Orange box with Prince William Business Pledge on top left, We Pledge in Middle over a blue heart, with website at bottom, on right - My Business has taken the pledge, on bottom right, #PrinceWilliamStrong

Creative 600px x 300px For Web (COPY/PASTE)


Orange box with 'My business has take the pledge' on right with #PrinceWilliamStrong on right, and on left a blue circle with heart in middle with text - Prince William Business Pledge - We Pledge -

Creative For Facebook Cover (COPY/PASTE)

Orange box with copy - My business has taken the pledge, with blue circle with heart in middle that says - Prince William Business Pledge, middle says We Pledge,, on bottom it reads #PrinceWilliamStrong

Creative For Instagram (COPY/PASTE)


Blue Circle that reads Prince William Business Pledge, in middle blue heart with text over it that reads WE PLEDGE and on bottom of circle says

Creative Seal For Web To Add To Images (COPY/PASTE)


Orange box that reads My Business Has Taken the pledge, with hashtag #PrinceWilliamStrong on bottom right, Prince William Pledge seal on left hat reads Prince William Business Pledge, with blue heart in middle with text - We Pledge over it, and website

Creative for Twitter DOWNLOAD (COPY/PASTE)


Imagery that stays ' You Can Help Stop COVID' - Mask Up plus spread out Prince William County