"History of Marine Corps Base Quantico" gives a brief overview of the history of the base located 35 miles south of Washington DC; the presentation includes the creation of the base during World War I, its expansion during World War II, historical information on activities on base, including information on some of the historical buildings and the Town of Quantico.


Prince William County is home to Marine Corps Base Quantico, which not only has the National Museum of the Marine Corps but also the Marine Corps History Division—the historians for the entire Marine Corps.  Since 8 September 1919, the historians of the Corps have been charged with collecting, preserving and publishing the collective history of the Marine Corps.  In so doing, they have become knowledgeable on many aspects of Marine Corps history and are often called upon to give presentations, lectures and talks to Marines, civilians, veterans and their families.


Leathernecks use scaling ladders to storm ashore at Inchon in an amphibious invasion, September 15, 1950

Image: Leathernecks use scaling ladders to storm ashore at Inchon in an amphibious invasion, September 15, 1950

The Marine Corps History Division has ready-made presentations on the following battles and topics:

  • Al-Khafji (Operation Desert Storm)

  • Belleau Wood (World War I)

  • Boxer Rebellion (1900)

  • Hue City (Vietnam)

  • Inchon (Korea)

  • Iwo Jima (World War II)

  • Tarawa (World War II)

  • Navajo Code Talkers (World War II)


Iwo Jima - Island shot at 0900, D-Day plus 1

Additional topics that can be prepared (advance notice required) are:

  • Marines in World War I

  • Marine Aviation in World War I

  • Core of the Corps—Key Marines You Don’t Know

  • Marines in Dominican Republic 1965
    Marines in the Philippines, 1941

  • Guadalcanal

  • The Solomons Campaign

  • Khe Sanh

  • Gulf War

  • Gulf War Amphibious Landings

  • Afghanistan Tora Bora, 2001

  • Afghanistan Operation Anaconda, 2002

  • 22d MEU in Afghanistan, 2004

  • Battle of Marjah, Afghanistan 2009-2010

  • History of the Marine Corps

  • History of Quantico

  • Military Occupation of Dominican Republic 1916-1924

  • History of Camp Pendleton


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