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Leesylvania State Park

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  • 2001 Daniel K. Ludwig Drive
  • Woodbridge, VA 22191
  • Phone: 703-730-8205

Lee’s Woods is a more accurate name today than it likely was when the original manor house was built in the 1750s by Henry Lee II. Lee used enslaved labor for his tobacco plantation as well as his fishery that harvested shad from the Potomac River. He served as a Member of the House of Burgesses, the Virginia Convention, and was County Lieutenant (in charge of organizing the militia) during the Revolution. Washington wrote him to take charge of the road improvements in Prince William County for the army supply column’s movement to Yorktown. His son, Henry “Lighthorse” Lee III, was a Continental Army cavalry officer and father of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

The historical marker can be found at the following GPS coordinates 38° 59’ 77’ N * 77° 25’ 87° W

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109 reviews

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