As summer heats up, Prince William, Virginia, becomes a playground for families seeking fun and adventure. With a variety of kid-friendly activities and attractions, there’s no shortage of excitement to keep the little ones entertained all season long. Plus, with the highly anticipated 2024 Solheim Cup coming to town in September, now is the perfect time to explore what our vibrant community has to offer. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor planning to enjoy the Solheim Cup or any future trip, you'll find plenty of options to make unforgettable memories with your children in Prince William, Virginia.

1. Visit the Largest Waterpark in Northern Virginia

Prince William County has two waterparks: Splashdown and Waterworks. Both are great ways for kids to cool down while still having fun outdoors. Splashdown is located in Ben Lomond Regional Park and is the largest waterpark in Northern Virginia. The park features an Interactive Children's play area, a Lily Pad Walk, an activity pool, 70-foot-tall waterslides, a Lazy River, Cannonball and Tropical Twister slides, and a leisure pool. Waterworks is located in Dale City and features a climbing facility, water sprays and slides, a shallow beach area and a children's play area with the biggest splash pad in Northern Virginia.

Tickets for Splashdown range from $13 - $18, and tickets for Waterworks are all under $10.

Splashdown Waterpark family tubing

Splashdown Waterpark family tubing

2. Play Some Mini-Golf

Who says you have to be a pro to show your skills on the green? Mini-Golf is an active way for kids (and adults) to have a friendly competition and practice their golfing skills. Locust Shade Park has an 18-hole course with varying levels of difficulty. Finally, The Magic Putting Place in Manassas offers 36 holes of mini-golf with several themed obstacles and effects to enhance your playing experience.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf

3. Explore Our Parks

Prince William County has several picnic-perfect parks for a relaxing summer day. Some popular spots include Leesylvania State Park, Prince William Forest Park, James S. Long Regional Park, and Locust Shade Park. Pack a picnic and enjoy a leisurely meal surrounded by nature's beauty. After your picnic, take a hike along the scenic trails, or let the kids have fun on the playgrounds.

Beyond picnics, these parks offer a range of outdoor activities. Spend the day fishing, kayaking, or paddleboarding on tranquil lakes and rivers. Engage in a friendly game of frisbee or soccer, or simply explore the rich biodiversity with a family nature walk. With lush landscapes and ample open space, these parks provide the perfect setting for quality family time in the great outdoors.

A family sitting together at a picnic table

A family sitting together at a picnic table

4. Bounce Around at an Indoor Trampoline Park 

For families seeking high-flying fun and boundless energy, Prince William County boasts several trampoline parks that promise thrilling experiences for kids of all ages. These parks are perfect for burning off energy, practicing acrobatic skills, and enjoying hours of exhilarating activities.

1. Healthy Fun Adventure Park
Healthy Fun Adventure Park features interconnected trampolines, foam pits, and obstacle courses tailored for various age groups. It's ideal for active play and safe family fun.

2. Sky Zone
With locations in Manassas and Woodbridge, Sky Zone boasts expansive trampoline courts, dodgeball, and special events like glow nights, perfect for family outings.

3. Urban Air Adventure Park
Urban Air Adventure Park in Woodbridge offers trampolines, indoor skydiving, climbing walls, and more. It's a thrilling destination with activities like the Sky Rider coaster and ropes course.



5. Check out a Prince William County Public Library

Explore the diverse offerings of the 12 Prince William Public Library locations, each with unique hours and engaging activities throughout the year. Discover new books or participate in educational events tailored for children of all ages. From captivating story times for younger kids to interactive wildlife educational sessions and even thrilling escape room challenges for teens, there’s something for everyone.

pwc public library

PWC Public Library

6. Watch a show at Jean C. Smith at Locust Shade Park

If you're visiting Prince William Virginia in the Spring or Summer, Locust Shade Park offers three, unique outdoor experiences for kids of all ages! 

The Reptile World Program was designed to allow audiences to meet an interesting selection of live, large, colorful, and gentle reptiles from all over the world. Learn about different types of reptiles and why they are essential to our environment. This program will be held on Thursday July 18th and Thursday, August 1st. 

Ready to laugh? The FunMakers - Zig Zag the Kid's Party Magician is a hilarious and spectacular Magic Variety Show. Guaranteed laughs. Expect Puppetry, Music, Magic and more. This program will be held on Thursday, june 27th, Thursday July 25th, and Thursday August 8th.

Have a little one who loves to shake their hips or sing Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride at the top of their lungs in the car? The Nā Pikake Lōhio Wai Kaulele is a Hawaiian hula dance group has performed at the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival, local International Festivals, Workhouse Arts Center events, elder care facilities, weddings, and other specialty events around Northern Virginia. This program will be held on Sunday, July 21st. 

Ticket Pricing

  • General Admission (ages 2 yrs and up) -  $5.50/per person
  • Group Rate (10 people or more) - $4.50/per person
  • 3 performances are free (*Free Show)

For information and reservations, call (703) 792-8780

Reptile World Locust Shade

Reptile World Locust Shade

7. Shop Local & Visit a Farmer's Market

Shop locally and visit one of Prince William County’s five farmer’s markets. These markets are run weekly during the summer and can be found in various locations throughout the county. Tackett’s Mill Farmers Market runs on Tuesdays from 2:30 - 6:30 p.m. and features a variety of local vendors and fresh produce. Haymarket Farmers Market is open on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and showcases an array of produce, artisanal goods, and locally crafted delicacies. The Dale City Farmers Market runs year-round, rain or shine on Sundays. If you're visiting December to March, they're open from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. while from April to November, their hours are 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. This farmers market is home to nearly 50 vendors selling produce, flowers, meats, and other locally sourced goods. Finally, the City of Manassas Farmers Market runs both Thursdays and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Featuring a wide assortment of fruits, vegetables, meats, and handcrafted products, this is another excellent spot to explore.

Farmers Market Stock
A young girl looking at fruit at a farmers market

8. Explore a Farm or Two

Families looking for fun farm adventures will find plenty to enjoy in Prince William, VA. Get ready to bottle-feed cute baby goats, pick your own fresh fruits, vegetables, or colorful flowers, and take an exciting guided tour of a working cattle farm. These activities and many more await you and your family for an unforgettable day on the farm!

Burnside Farm offers two magical pick-your-own flower events that are perfect for kids and families! The Festival of Spring features over a million colorful tulips and daffodils in bloom for about three weeks, depending on the spring weather. In the summer, don't miss the Summer of Sunflowers, where you can wander through fields of beautiful sunflowers for six weeks, from mid-July to Labor Day.

Hope & Serenity Farm Sanctuary in Nokesville, Virginia, offers a heartwarming experience perfect for kids and families. This sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates farm animals, providing a loving home for goats, pigs, horses, and chickens. Families can enjoy guided tours, meet friendly animals, and learn about animal care and welfare. It’s a fantastic way for kids to connect with nature, make new furry friends, and create lasting memories.

Discover the magic of horses at the Equine Connection Center, an educational sanctuary offering safe, fun experiences with rescue horses, donkeys, and mules. Perfect for kids and families, the center provides hands-on activities to learn about horse care and handling. Whether for an animal-loving child, someone with special needs, or mental health support, the Equine Connection Center is the place to be. Enjoy the peace and privacy of the farm while connecting with amazing animals. Schedule your visit through their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Kid on Farm

Kid on Farm

9. Enjoy Local Arts

Prince William County is a fantastic destination for more artsy kids and families seeking fun and engaging activities. From thrilling performances to interactive arts, there's something for everyone. Enjoy a family outing to the Hylton Performing Arts Center for captivating shows and musical performances that will entertain children of all ages. The ARTfactory offers creative classes and workshops where kids can unleash their artistic talents. Don't miss the chance to explore the National Museum of the Marine Corps, which features interactive exhibits perfect for curious minds. With a variety of family-friendly attractions, Prince William County promises an unforgettable experience for both kids and parents.

ARTFactory Wizard of Oz

ARTFactory Wizard of Oz

10. Take a Step Back into History

Explore the fascinating history of Prince William County with your family! This area is rich in heritage, from the days of early Native American settlers to the pivotal battles of the Civil War. Visit the Manassas National Battlefield Park to learn about the famous battles fought take a trip to the Rippon Lodge Historic Site for a glimpse into colonial life. With hands-on exhibits and kid-friendly tours, these sites make learning about history fun and engaging for children of all ages. Make history come alive for your kids and create lasting memories together!

Tours are the best way to explore the area and learn as much as you can while making it fun for kids of all ages. 

Embark on an exciting historical adventure with your family by taking a guided tour of the Manassas National Battlefield Park. These tours bring the stories of the Civil War to life, making them perfect for kids and families. Follow the footsteps of soldiers with a knowledgeable guide who can answer all your questions and share fascinating facts.

Don't miss the driving tour, which takes you to key locations like Henry Hill, Stone Bridge, and the Deep Cut. With interpretive markers and scenic views, this road trip offers a memorable way to learn about the history of Prince William County while spending quality time together.

The Prince William County African American History Trail highlights early pioneers and significant sites, showcasing their contributions to our rich and inclusive heritage. It's a wonderful opportunity for families to learn, connect, and celebrate the diverse stories that have shaped Prince William County over the years.

A room of young boys learning about history

A room of young boys learning about history

From discovering nature trails and engaging in interactive exhibits to attending family-friendly events and educational programs, Prince William County provides countless opportunities for children and their families to enjoy together.

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